What Should We Occupy?

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What Should We Occupy?

Banks have been receiving a great deal of heat lately. Unlike many in my demographic, I do not support occupy Wall Street, let alone the occupy Amazon movement. There has been a great deal of stink lately about how the little guy needs to be protected by more regulation, including regulation for credit cards, which often can be good. However, many times people are blaming outside forces when they really should be blaming themselves. I mean, you signed the paperwork for your for that 27% APR credit card. After the 0% grace period, what did you think was going to happen?

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I think many of our problems are stemming from government and not private business. Not that we should not have tight regulations in certain areas. There are countless examples where regulatory loopholes allowed unethical business leaders to perpetrate heinous crimes. Sure, let’s pull those people out of the system. Let’s make it safe for the rest of us. But there are many more examples of instances where the government does not like it when companies make extranormal profits. They tend to either tax or regulate those areas.

And what of those who say it is Wall Street’s fault for corrupting the political processes, by sticking their little fingers in where they don’t belong? The problem STILL is not going to be fixed on Wall Street and needs to be fixed via the legal system, with rules in place to protect the politicians from comingling and performing acts that–in the private sector–would have landed them in the big house.

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In short, we should be occupying the beltway in Washington D.C. and not Wall Street. Go to the source where change can take place. Sitting in front of a bunch of buildings where people are simply going in and out of work everyday is not going to be helpful.

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