Lessons Learned from the Israeli Credit Card Breach

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Lessons Learned from the Israeli Credit Card Breach

Just like me, your jaw probably dropped when news of the Israeli credit card breach broke – and not just one credit card, but thousands. This happened just a tad after the New Year celebrations, on January 3.

Hacking is essentially just like robbing a bank, except in place of money, you loot information. However, more often than not, hackers also do this for the money – so that’s still the bottom line. Basically, someone “broke into” Israeli coupon sites and that’s where they managed to get a hold of credit card information. So what? Well, the problem is, after hoarding all those names and personal information, they posted it online for all to see.

Even if you’re not one of the unlucky many who were victimized, you might just be panicking now, especially if you’re more than fond of using your favorite cash back credit card to make purchases online. Remember how issuers always warn you about keeping your card credit information on the low key? Events like the Israeli credit card breach are what we are all trying to avoid.

Am I saying don’t make online purchases? No! What we can learn form the Israeli incident is that we should always verify, verify, and verify – I really can’t stress the point enough. Before disclosing any crucial details, you must know if you can actually trust the hands, in this case, the server, that’s handling your transaction. The poor security protocols of actually a different site that’s connected on the same server paved the way for the Israeli credit card breach. Now, don’t get smart with me and say you’re using a secured credit card – no matter how “secured” your credit card is, it can’t protect you from things like, well, the pitfalls of technology.

Of course, at first, there was a lot of buzz as to who did it. But soon enough, a young man that goes by the name xOmar 0, took credit of the heinous deed, putting all supposing to end. But we’re not really after who did it and why, right? That is yet another rather political and therefore touchy topic. Needless to say that he is now branded as a terrorist.

However, what xOmar 0 actually iginited a bigger threat of war between groups of modern Robin Hoods who are all fighting for, let’s face it, just some attention. It also shows how very little consumers can do to protect themselves from unwanted breaches. Keeping a watchful eye on your accounts will certainly help you to obfuscate any issues in the future.

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