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Pros and Cons of Secured Credit Cards

People with messed up credit reports are starting to turn to Secured Credit Cards in the hope of building credit worthiness again. It is a promising option for many, but is it really the best option for you? Advantages of Secured Credit Cards 1. Bigger chance of approval. You can apply for a secured credit card as long as you …

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Reasons To Secure Your Credit Card Information

There was a recent incident in Ohio where two suspects actually used a man’s credit information to back up a fake credit card. Incidentally, the Powell Police are still on the lookout for the suspects, who happen to be two women, who went on a “free” shopping spree several times at Macy’s and Target. This happened within the last days …

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5 Reasons to Get a Credit Card

Are you contemplating on getting a credit card?  If you think you’re a financially stable individual who’s ready to take on the responsibility of having a credit card, then here are 5 great reasons to go on ahead with the application process. Build Credit  The approval or denial of a credit application depends largely on your credit history and your …

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Beginners Guide to Credit Card Application and Use

In the past, getting a credit card was seen as more of a privilege, meant only for financially-sound individuals. Today, however, these plastic – or metal, for the luckier few – babies have become more like a commodity available for the greater part of the population. This is primarily because within the previous decade the credit industry started to become …

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