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3 Things To Consider Before Initiating Credit Card Balance Transfers

Credit card balance transfers consolidate your credit card balances into one account which is held by another credit card firm. This strategy is often encouraged by these credit companies in order draw more customers. For the customers, a credit card balance transfer is attractive especially when a credit card issuer offers various incentives like loyalty points, interest-free periods or reduced …

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Vacation Days Over: What To Do With Your Credit Card Bills?

Since summer is already over, you now have to manage your credit card bills. Especially when you travelled abroad for the summer, you’ll soon realize how expensive a dinner can be in that foreign land. Add to that the fact that credit card companies do charge the usual 2.7% for foreign transaction fees. When you go on a vacation, you …

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Credit Card Rewards Are Losing Their Worth

To encourage new customers to obtain a credit card, most credit card companies offer huge rewards whenever clients sign up. Some credit firms offer $100 cash back while others offer rebates whenever a person uses his credit card. A lot these people are happy with these rewards because they believe that these credit card companies are indeed rewarding them. They …

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How Can A College Student Avoid Getting Into Credit Card Debt

College students are easy targets of credit card companies. Because they are trying to fit a lot of activities into their hectic schedules, they are often not wary about their credit scores. In fact, they don’t even know the effect of having a low credit score to their financial lives. Today, these credit card issuers are no longer allowed to …

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How To Choose A Credit Card

A credit card is an important tool in personal finance. If used responsibly, it can provide a lot of benefits not only to the credit card holder but to his family as well. However, to take advantage of its various benefits, a person must be able to choose a good credit card. We have the best card comparison and searching …

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Pros and Cons of Secured Credit Cards

People with messed up credit reports are starting to turn to Secured Credit Cards in the hope of building credit worthiness again. It is a promising option for many, but is it really the best option for you? Advantages of Secured Credit Cards 1. Bigger chance of approval. You can apply for a secured credit card as long as you …

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Why You Should Start A Debt Management Plan

Because everyone is experiencing difficulties financially, people are searching for ways to get rid of debt quicklyor manage it so that it won’t blow off proportion. A debt management plan is a popular choice among these people because of its flexibility. It can be used on any unsecured debt and it can be started or stopped anytime. Also, a debt …

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The Problem With Credit Cards Offering Low Interest Rates

Interest rates are falling with the current economic crisis. However, credit card interest rates are not following suit. Although the government aims to protect the credit card holders with legislations, it must be noted that interest rates have gone up. At the rate things are going, on the average the interest rate has gone up by as much as 14%. …

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How To Avoid Credit Scams

There is a growing number of Americans who are scammed by credit card transactions. It is estimated that at least 180 million USA residents have been duped. Trillions of dollars have gone down the drain and into the pockets of unscrupulous individuals and businesses. Even though there are laws aimed to protect credit card holders from unscrupulous practices by legitimate …

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Credit Card Consolidation: Advantages and Disadvantages

A credit card is supposed to be a tool for a person to conveniently purchase goods and services without carrying a lot of cash. It can pay for emergencies. However, a lot of people have been known to abuse and misuse the credit card so much so that they wake up one morning and find themselves in debt. When this …

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